Wiise – a new product for SME who have outgrown their accounting software and want all business information in one place

Source: Australian Financial Review (paywall)

CBA, Microsoft and KPMG have formed start-up Wiise to expand their software offering to small and medium enterprise. They target a gap in the market made of more complex companies who have outgrown their current cloud accounting package such as MYOB or Xero.

Customers who opt in with sharing their data will have access to KPMG business health check, benchmarking data from their industry and potentially macro-economics insight from CBA. The option to provide real-time data from a SME’s P&L and balance sheet will allow CBA to provide solutions faster and with less friction.

Soon a small business owner will be able to obtain answers to questions like ‘how much stock do I have’ or ‘who paid me last night?’ by accessing Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence.

KPMG’s national managing partner of growth and markets, James Hunter, said “increasingly innovation will be driven by organisations collaborating together, rather than saying ‘We can do this all ourselves.'”

Learn more with this video from Wiise.

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