At Simplex Analytics we believe that the power of data insight should not be available only to large businesses. We make analytics simple and accessible to guide small and medium businesses decisions. We’ll help you achieve your goals faster by both understanding your business and data analytics. Our team’s wealth of experience in business intelligence, analytics and business strategy can assist unlocking digital resources to make your business grow.


Our services are structured in three tiers. You can partner up with us at any stage of your digital journey, but you must have reached the lower level first before progressing to the next one. If you are unsure of what level you are at, we will clarify this together during an initial consultation free of any obligation.

3 tiers to suit your needs

Foundation – Data Services

Data poor? Not a problem. We are here to help you design processes and tools to collect essential data for a data-driven ready business.

Data rich, but don’t know how to deal with it? Not a problem. We are here to help you integrate different data sources, untangle complex data and build a solid foundation for business analysis, performance tracking, reporting and visualization.

Level 1 – Insight & Visualisation

Need to identify business opportunities for improvement or growth using existing data? We know that in a world of abundant data, insights are relatively hard to get. With our strong analytical skills, we can help you analyse and discover insight faster. With our visualization expertise, we can help you tell the story intuitively and visually to form actionable strategies quickly.


Level 2 – Advanced Analytics Service

You can visualise your data, but need to go to the next level by understanding how it all works together and build models to assist in your decision making? With our advanced modelling skills, we can help you see patterns in your business from customer behaviours to operational efficiencies so you can achieve your goals with the support of analytics.



We understand small and medium businesses

Our solutions are tailored to your circumstances. Simplex Analytics gives you access to services that are typically done by internal analysts in large corporations. We make sure that we first understand what matters most to you and then do the data crunching on your behalf.

Simple, data-driven advice based on outcomes

The insight we provide is simple and actionable. To give you best value for your investment, we make sure that you can take action to improve your business based on our analytics. We keep it real by agreeing on scope of work that is suitable for your business considering your resources and goals.

Strategic mindset

Running a small business doesn’t mean that you don’t see the big picture. With our deep understanding of business strategy, we guide you through your business objectives and build analytics to better achieve them. Want to differentiate yourself, understand what your customers prefer or increase your profitability? We are here to help.


  Data Services

  Insight &

  Advanced Analytics

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  What is included

  Initial consultation
  (no obligation)

  Initial consultation
  (no obligation)

  Initial consultation
  (no obligation)

  Cloud-based data storage facility for one year

  cloud-based visualization access for one year

  cloud-based visualization access for one year

  Data management roadmap to achieve your objectives

  Data management and visualization roadmap to achieve your

  Data management, visualization and modelling roadmap to achieve
  your objectives

  Delivery of your most important data storage need as per initial

  Delivery of your most important data visualization need as per
  initial consultation

  Delivery of your most important advanced data analytics need as
  per initial consultation

  Support for one year

  Support for one year

  Support for one year