At Simplex Analytics we believe that the power of data insight should not be available only to large businesses. We make analytics simple and accessible to guide small and medium businesses decisions. We’ll help you achieve your goals faster by both understanding your business and data analytics. Our team’s wealth of experience in business intelligence, analytics and business strategy can assist unlocking digital resources to make your business grow.

Our Solutions

Data Collection

Is your data in all different locations, in different format with different versions? Do you use a mix of spreadsheets and extracts from different systems that you find difficult to manage? We can discuss how to improve your business processes to generate better data that will unlock the possibility to build insightful reports. This will […]

Custom online reports

Our reports are accessible with your computer, tablet and mobile. They are made with Power BI, Microsoft’s industry leading analytics platform. Built to solve your business’ needs, they are  fully maintained and can scale as your business grows. They include software licences, development and testing, training and support. Learn more about Power BI here.

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The Process

At Simplex Analytics we want to keep things simple. The first step in getting better insights is an obligation-free consult. We'll get to know your business so we can offer the most relevant solution to your needs.

Our process is:

  • Free Initial Consult to understand your business and your needs
  • Free Solution Blueprint and price estimate
  • Solution development upon acceptance


We understand small and medium businesses

Our solutions are tailored to your circumstances. Simplex Analytics gives you access to services that are typically done by internal analysts in large corporations. We make sure that we first understand what matters most to you and then do the data crunching on your behalf.

Simple, data-driven advice based on outcomes

The insight we provide is simple and actionable. To give you best value for your investment, we make sure that you can take action to improve your business based on our analytics. We keep it real by agreeing on scope of work that is suitable for your business considering your resources and goals.

Strategic mindset

Running a small business doesn’t mean that you don’t see the big picture. With our deep understanding of business strategy, we guide you through your business objectives and build analytics to better achieve them. Want to differentiate yourself, understand what your customers prefer or increase your profitability? We are here to help.